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To have found a way how to live and preserve authenticity in today’s world is reflected in Nina’s awareness, which she lives and conveys in her classes - always with the perspective of being a lifelong student. Nina sees Yoga as an expression of living a conscious life, dedicating love and insights into the well-being of people around her. The beauty of the path lies in discovering life in its purest forms and thus growing a profundity and sensibility with the findings thereof. She has received specialized training in a wide set of disciplines for many years, each of which offers a piece to the whole of supporting individuals in the best possible and individually tailored way. In 2022 she opened the Soulspace, a Yoga studio in the heart of Zurich.

Heartbeat, Freitag, 17.45 – 19.15 Uhr, Hotel Belvédère (Class in English)

This strong and playful session connects you with your heartbeat. Backbending requires courage: trusting the process, trusting yourself, facing fear. Our body’s natural response to danger is to curl in, protecting our heart- both the physical heart and the energetic heart space. Backbends allow the very opposite to happen: opening up to the world, exposing but also offering our most vulnerable part: the heart.

Learn how to get into challenging poses effectively and safely by tilting the pelvis, by actively using your core muscles and engaging your legs and feet to stay rooted. Explore bows, wheels and other challenging asanas with a focus of the bend. We will finish this practice in the subtle body and with a nourishing Savasana.

I will be offering variations so that this practice is accessible to everyone. Overcome your fears, offer your heart. On the mat- and thus- off the mat too.

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